add me add me?

of course i will be your friend.

Get New Friends Now
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♥ WELCOME!!!!!

This is my Community.. Its about making new friends and meeting new people..
i have a few rules for this community
no rude comments,no making fun of someones race,sex,sexulity,and religon,etc.
no drama.. i don't wanna hear or read it, no one cares, if u do any of the above i will ban you.
:). if ur post is long please put it under a lj cut, any pics or promoting again LJ CUT.
well have fun meeting new friends...

im recently looking for another co-mod whos good at making banners, or icons and a good layout for this community.
im me asap- or comment on my journal.
xokookiesxo is my sn.

take care all.